Mixed colour observed on TV screen.
Reason : Magnetic device nearby like speaker, stabilizer, El-Toys.
Explanation : Check & remove such devices or maintain distance from TV.
Solution : Switch off television & wait for 15 ~ 30 min. for cooling & restart to clear colour Patch.

There is noise in the picture & picture is unclear.
Reason : Check whether cable socket connection to the television at tuner point is ok or not.
Explanation : The cable wire connection should be connected properly in the cable socket.
Solution : Contact the Cable operator. The cable signal strength should be more than 65db to provide better picture quality.

Some channels are not coming in TV set.
Reason : Some Channels may be locked or skipped by the cable operator.
Explanation : Perform “Auto Tuning” on your television set.
Solution : Try searching the channel by performing manual search & then store the same, individually.

Television remote keys are not working.
Reason : Remote batteries might be old and diffused.
Explanation : Replace batteries in the remote and clean the IR LED for both Television set & Remote.
Solution : There should not be any halogen lamp in between the remote and the IR LED of the television for proper operation of the remote.

No sound from television.
Reason : The sound may be MUTED or the volume may be minimum(0).
Explanation : Mute button may be pressed.
Solution : Press the Mute button to unmute the sound, or increase the volume from the remote control or controls on the control panel of the television. Else contact customer care helpline.

Television is unable to detect USB devices.
Reason : Remove and re-insert the USB.
Explanation : It may not work in case the USB device is not compatible with the USB drive. Try connecting other USB device.
Solution : The USB device may not work if the content/format does not support USB drive, as per specification mentioned in User manual.

Picture & Sound not coming from AV/HDMI Source.
Reason : Cable connection may be improper.
Explanation : Check the cable connection and accordingly put the colour coding as mentioned in User manual.
Solution : Check the AV/HDMI conversion cable, it may be defective. Check by replacing with a new cable.

Should I buy a Split AC or a Window AC?
A room air conditioner is ideal for rooms upto 200 sq.ft when one of the walls is exposed to the outside. If there are no exposed walls a Split AC is the only option. In addition, in a Split AC the compressor is kept outside and hence, noise levels are lower. Look for the best split AC’s for home and office in India.

Do I need 3 phase supply if I have to buy an AC for my house?
Window ACs and Mini Split ACs work on single phase. However, it is better to have a 3 phase supply and distribute the other loads like Geysers, washing machines, pumps and lights in the other 2 phases.

How can I reduce heat input into my room?
• Providing a false ceiling (especially for Room Air conditioners/ Multi-split Air conditioners) reduces the volume to be cooled.
• Providing curtains/ blinds /sun film on windows reduces heat input into the room.
• Insulating the ceiling which is exposed to the sun with 50 mm thermocole drastically reduces heat input into the room.

Do I have to necessarily buy a Voltage Stabilizer when I buy an AC?
The compressor which is the most critical component in the AC works between 190 to 240 V. With voltages in most parts of our Country going well below 190 V, we recommend using a Voltage Stabilizer. You can also go for the best inverter AC’s in India that that have inbuilt energy efficient component.

What is the ideal location for a Window AC?
At a height of 5 feet behind you. Ensure that the AC air from the air conditioner does not hit you directly.

How often should I clean my filter?
Filter cleaning depends on the frequency of usage and the atmospheric conditions. For normal applications, it is recommended to clean the filter once in 15 days.

How do I know if the AC I am buying is energy efficient?
Ask for the EER (Energy Efficient Ratio) of the AC. The higher the EER, the more energy efficient the AC. You can go for the best inverter AC’s in India that have high EER and uses minimum amount of energy.

Can I use perfumes with my air conditioner?
While perfumes do create a good atmosphere, they should be used cautiously as some people can be allergic to them. The best way to keep the foul smell out is to open windows and use fans to bring in a lot of fresh air before the AC is started. Keeping the AC room clean is also equally important.

At what temperatures should I set my Home/Office?
Where AC is used for human comfort, the ideal setting is 24℃. AC experts have determined that the comfort zone is between 20 to 25℃ with RH between 40% and 60%. However, with the best split AC’s in India, you can adjust your room or office at a higher temperature as well.

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